Whole Home Water System

A whole-home water system removes chlorine and contaminants that create an unpleasant taste in drinking water. 


Water Purification at it's best.

Water is essential to life, and you can’t put a price on it. Our no-money-down financing option makes it easy to own. In addition, the whole home system comes with a 10-year guarantee that includes free filter replacement every six months.

Whole Home Water System Resin Tank

Carbon Deluxe Filter

The Carbon Deluxe filter, which is made of activated coconut shell, is used to remove chloramines and hydrogen sulphide from drinking water. KDF® media significantly increases system life by reducing heavy metals, scaling, microorganisms, and maintenance. Also, KDF is used in water pre-treatment and primary treatment. Together, these reduce waste in your water supply by 95%. 

What are the Benefits to My Family?

•  Enjoy safe drinking water all the time

•  Save money on plastic water bottles

•  Odorless, Cleaner drinking water

•  Better tasting drinking water

•  Prevent skin irritations and flare-ups

•  Eliminates microorganisms 

•  Cleaner skin & shiner hair

4 Stages of Water

Change The Way You Feel About Water

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Whole Home Water Alkaline Pro

NEW! Alkaline Pro

Restore alkalinity in water by adding a small amount (30 mg/gal.) of calcium and magnesium. Similarly, this added system uses antioxidant ceramic balls to remove 97.2 percent of chlorine, arsenic, radon, fluoride, lead, and chromium from your water. With this eco-friendly filtration system, you'll never need to buy bottled water again.

Whole Home Water Lead Filter

Lead & Fluoride Pro

Non-soluble activated alumina is used in our fluoride, lead, and arsenic filter system. Activated alumina, in fact, is not water soluble, is extremely stable, and has no negative health effects.

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