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Tannin Eliminator Water Treatment System

Tannin Eliminator Water Treatment System is used to filter out tannins from your water supply via ion exchange and absorption. The Tannin Eliminator is a self-regenerating system with minimal maintenance which is easily programmable to ensure you are rid of tea-coloured water and yellow stains on your clothing and fixtures in your home.


Tannin Treatment System

Experience The Benefits of Our Tannin Eliminator Water Treatment System

The Tannin Eliminator water treatment is ideal if you find you have yellow stains and discolouration on your clothes and fixtures around your home as well as a foul taste, tea colour and unpleasant odour to your water.  It is imperative to filter these tannins out of your water if you want to avoid experiencing any of the aforementioned issues. Our EHS Tannin Eliminator water treatment works by filtering the water via ion exchange and absorption, afterwards the Tannin Eliminator auto-regenerates by backwashing all of the media as well as regenerating the softener salt beads so you can enjoy crystal clear water throughout your home.

Oftentimes tannins are accompanied by the high iron content in your water. In order to tackle both these issues, we recommend coupling your Tannin Eliminator water treatment system with a whole house iron reduction system.

How a Tannin system works

Steps to Colourless Water

Ion exchange is the first step in which water passes through the mineral tank and replaces these negative ions with positive ions.
The system backwashes to reduce dirt and tannins left in the mineral tank and discards them down the drain.
The Tannin Eliminator system is self-regenerating meaning the mineral tank is recharged with positive ions and rid of the negative ions.
Afterwards, the mineral tank is rinsed and the brine tank is ready for a new cycle.
Regeneration cycles are controlled by a metre on top of the tank which conveniently can be set to a specific schedule in order to regenerate after a set amount of days or after a certain amount of water usage.

Do you need help choosing the right system?

Contact our dealer, and they’ll help you find the best treatment solution.

ClearBlu Water Filter System

You and your family can enjoy pure H2O water throughout the house.

Eliminates Tannin Stains

No more need to worry about yellow stains and discolouration to your fabrics and fixtures that are caused by tannins found in your water.

Crystal Clear Water

Enjoy crystal clear water by removing tannins that are known to cause an unappealing yellow colour to your water.

Whole Home Protection

Tannins are known for causing your water to have an unpleasant odour as well as a tart aftertaste, therefore by filtering out tannins you'll be left with better tasting, better smelling water.