Well Water Solutions

Well water treatment systems can provide you with the safest drinking water by removing toxins, harmful minerals and contaminants from your groundwater.

Why are Well Water Treatment systems crucial?

Unfiltered well water (also known as groundwater)  can harbour many different harmful bacteria such as E.coli as well as contaminants like manganese, iron and arsenic, some of which can pose a health risk.

A well water treatment system is specifically designed to properly maintain the pH levels of your water as well as add chlorine to kill harmful bacteria.

Due to the water being contaminated, unfiltered well water can cause issues throughout your home, this includes mineral buildup in pipes and appliances, as well as an unpleasant taste, small appearance to your water. Even if you have a private reserve of water it is imperative that you take responsibility for keeping it safe to use.

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Why Eye Home for Well Water Filtration?

The Advantages of Using an Eye Home Well Water Treatment System are

Safe Water

You deserve the safest drinking water to benefit your overall health. Our well water treatment systems provide this to you by removing over 90% of contaminants commonly found in ground water.

No Chemicals

Eye Home Solutions water systems are non-chemical water treatment systems specifically engineered to deliver you the purest water in the safest fashion.


By increasing the efficacy and prolonging the lifespan of your appliances and Eye Home Solutions Water treatment system will in turn save you money on your total energy costs and monthly energy consumption bills.


By switching from plastic bottles to filtering your well water to ensure its safe to drink you will significantly reduce the amount of single use plastics used in your home. Additionally you will reduce your energy use by having more efficient appliances due to a reduction of contaminants that cause mineral buildup in your pipes and appliances.

Well Water Solutions

Canada’s Government Website reminds Private Well Water Owners of its well owners’ responsibility to ensure the quality of their well water.   

Our Well Water Treatment Systems Provide Clean Water, Made Easy

Find the right well water system to give you the safest water possible. Eye Home Solutions has a range of products for all of your water needs.

Do you need help choosing the right system?

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