Well Water Filter Systems

EHS Well Water Filter Systems remove more contaminants from drinking water than any other comparable system.

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Well Water Solutions

Canada’s Government Website reminds Private Well Water Owners it’s well owner’s responsibility to ensure the quality of their well water.   

Groundwater is the water that supplies your well. This water runs between the sand, rock, and soil in the ground. Particles in the ground act like a filter, helping to clean the water but groundwater is not free of contaminants. Because of both natural (floods) or human contamination (pollution) entering the water supply, this is not the best quality water.  

The Eye Home Solutions Well Water Filtration series are best for homes on well water. Once well water is filtered through one of our many filtration systems, the filter kills bacteria and viruses present providing you with clear, safe, odourless water. Every tap in your home will have the safest water. Trailer Homes have been linked to high contamination found in trailers using private wells. We have a wide array of options to ensure the safest water for your family. Great for cottages and remote locations. Book an appointment with one of our water specialists and find the right water system for you.  

You're not sure how to deal with your water. Our highly trained professionals will inspect and treat the water in your home.
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Tannin Pro

The Eye Home Solutions Tannin Pro is designed for best use with well and lake waters. Our Eye Home Solutions Tannin Filter removes tannins from all the water in your home. Tannins can bind iron organically making it difficult to remove with other filtration systems. Our EHS Tannin Pro uses ION exchange regenerates with regular softener salt, treats all the water in the house and reduces tannins & makes water clear. Easily programmable for high efficiency you’ll be rid of tea coloured water and brown fixture stains.

drinking Systems 6 Stage

Drinking Station

There are concerns of reverse osmosis reducing the pH in water due to the removal of minerals. Our EHS 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Systems features a 6th stage using Alkaline to restore alkalinity by adding small amounts (30 mg/Gal.) of calcium and magnesium back into water. This user friendly compact system is perfect for all dwellings types including condos and rental apartments.

Well Water Filter Systems UV Filter

Ultra Violet Pro

The Eye Home Solutions Ultra Violet light is best described as a water disinfector destroying bacteria, such as E. coli, algae, mold and viruses. The UV light kills microorganisms and penetrates deadly pathogens in your water and destroys illness-causing microorganisms (including cancers) by attacking their DNA. Our effective and environmentally safe UV light works best with our reverse osmosis systems or carbon block filters.

Specialty Water Filters Iron Removal

Iron & Magnesium Pro

EHS Iron and Manganese filter stops that awful egg smell that comes from the tap water. The system removes and eliminates hydrogen sulphide iron, manganese, and manganese. Air injection with our Zentec Hybrid specialtyiron/manganese/hydrogen sulphide removal media for clean water uses no chemicals and is a low-cost process. Water-borne iron (or manganese) is combined with oxygen by iron bacteria.

Soft Water System Resin Tank

Signature Softener

Our Eye Home Soft Water System improves your water density, extends the life of all your washing appliances, and reduces your gas cost by 25%. With our softener system you will notice smoother skin, and a significant reduction in soap scum and residue around sinks, kettles, and showers.

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