Water Refill Station

A water refill station ensures you have access to clean drinking water. Come to us or schedule a delivery to ensure you and your family are getting all the benefits of the best quality water.

Water Refill Station 5 Gallon

Self-Serve Water Refill Station

Water Refill Station

We offer self-serve water refill stations at our storefront locations as well as a delivery service because here at Eye Home Solutions we pride ourselves in making accessing clean water easy for all. The water at our water refilling stations is filtered through our own commercial water treatment system because we want to ensure we are providing you with the best quality water. Feel comfort in knowing that you have access to clean, safe and pure water for you and your home.

Here’s how simple our water refill station process is:


Bring your existing water bottles to our storefront locations


Fill up your bottles with the purest drinking water that we filter using one of our commercial water treatment systems


Take your water bottles home and enjoy the benefits of clean, pure drinking water!


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CALL: 1-800-701-4686

If you can’t come to us, well come to you! Contact us now to schedule your 5-gallon water bottle delivery.


Try out our Touch screen EHS Water Dispenser

An EHS water dispenser lets you enjoy clean drinking water with the convenience of having all controls on a touch screen panel. This bottle-less, self cleaning system uses four stages of filtration while also giving you the option to have chilled, warm or room temperature water.

Our Water Treatment Systems are not just safe, we are concerned about the safety of our employees as well as yours. To ensure yours and our staff’s safety, we adhere to the Covid-19 Protocols.

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