SoftBlu Water Softener System
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SoftBlu Water Softener System


SoftBlu water softener system removes harmful minerals such as magnesium and calcium and replaces them with sodium and potassium ions, thus reducing water hardness while also producing softened water.


The SoftBlu Experience

Our Signature SoftBlu water softener system is essential in order for harmful minerals to be removed from your water. If minerals such as magnesium and calcium are left to build up in your water it can have many negative effects on your home such as mineral build-up in pipes and appliances rendering them to work less efficiently.

Magnesium and calcium are known for causing water hardness which can also cause soap scum build-up on your fixtures, spots on your dishes, and leaves your skin and hair dry. Avoid all of these negative effects by having a  SoftBlu Water Softener system installed which will leave you with healthy softer water in your home.

Steps To Softer Calcium Free Water

The first step in softening water is ion exchange. This process is where harmful ions (magnesium and calcium ions) are exchanged with more desirable ions (sodium ions)by having water pass over sodium ion covered resin beads.

The second step to softer water is known as regeneration. Now that the resin beads are saturated with the harmful ions, a brine needs to pass over the beads in order to replace the magnesium and calcium ions with sodium ions again.

The third step happens after the brine draw is complete. Now the resin storage is rinsed with clean water which finalises the ion exchange (step 1) and then the remaining brine is washed through the drain.

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  Softer Skin & Healthier Hair
  Extended Lifespan for appliances
  Protects Homes’ Water Pressure
  More Soap for Cleaning Tasks

  Goodbye to Soap Scum

Why wait to own your own clean water system? Our no-money-down financing option makes it so that you can start enjoying the benefits and start saving now. That’s not all, in addition to 0% upfront we offer a 10-year guarantee on your new whole home water purification system and free filter replacement every 6 months.

We believe everyone deserves clean water and we make this entirely possible with minimal stress on your end. Eye Home Solutions offers a 10 year warranty when you purchase one of our whole home units which also includes filters for 10 years.

SoftBlue Water Softener

Conditioning for all of your appliances and the entire house.

SoftBlu Water Softener System Bathroom

In the Bathroom

Softer water means softer skin! Enjoy many different benefits the SoftBlu water softener system will have in your bathroom including but not limited to eliminating soap scum residue on your fixtures, having your cleansers and shampoo lather better and leave you with healthier and softer skin and hair.

softblu water softener system kitchen appliances

In the Kitchen

Spot, film and streak free dishes! Not only will using an Eye Home Solutions Softblu water softener system help your kitchen appliances work more efficiently it will also eliminate those pesky water spots on your dishes caused by mineral buildup in your water.

SoftBlu Water Softener System Protection

Whole Home Protection

Our SoftBlu water softener system eliminates minerals and contaminants that can wreak havoc on your pipes and home appliances. Reduce your appliance repair and maintenance costs by having them run more efficiently after installing an Eye Home Solutions SoftBlu water softener system.

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Exceptional customer service! would recommend them to anyone. My new home had very poor quality water. They took care of everything the day after i moved into the house. Fast reliable and always a phone call or text away!!!!

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Ahasaan and his team is quite professional and quickly respond to any queries. So far, no issues with water purification system.

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Very good and professional. Happy to have there product.

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August 20, 2022
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