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whats really in your tap water

What’s Really in Your Tap Water?

Tap water is a necessity for people all over the world. While it is important to note that we are very lucky to be able to have instant access to water via our taps and shouldn’t take that for granted it is also important to understand the concern surrounding what’s really in your tap water. Read More…

The Importance of Water Testing

Many things can affect your home’s water including pH levels. For example, a high pH (7.1-14) causes an unpleasant taste in water and can cause residue buildup on your appliances rendering them less effective. A low pH (1-6.9) can cause water to be acidic and corrosive. Acidic water can cause a metallic taste, fabric stains, and damage your home’s pipes.

It is important to monitor pH levels as they help to keep your body in balance by regulating the metabolic process. Studies have shown that high acidity can lead to weight gain and slower immune responses whereas high alkalinity can lead to the inability to metabolize nutrients. Read More…

Reverse Osmosis Title Page

How Reverse Osmosis Works

The reverse osmosis process is a very effective way to filter your water as it removes unwanted minerals, ions, particles, and substances. Many RO systems employ a series of different filters such as sediment filters and carbon filters.

 During the reverse osmosis process water pushes through what we refer to as an “RO membrane” which is essentially a layer that filters out contaminants and salts while still allowing the water to pass through. After the water passes through the filters and RO membrane the water goes into the holding tank and the contaminants are rid down the drain leaving you with safe, healthy, clean drinking water. Read More…

Water Softener vs Water Filter

Water softener vs filter, what exactly does that mean? Well, water issues are never a “one size fits all” which is why various different types of water treatment systems exist in order to address all your possible water needs. 

An easy way to categorize the most common water issues is by which ones can be treated with a water filter and those that can be resolved with a water softener. While these systems may seem similar they serve different purposes.

To break this down even further we will explain the difference between water filters vs water softeners, their benefits and what water concerns they can eliminate. 

In order to better understand the difference between water softeners vs filters, it is important to understand what contaminants can be found in your water and why they may need extra processing via a water treatment system. Read more…

Recent Updates

Article Reduce Carbon Footprint

How to reduce carbon footprint

Before the next pandemic, it’s time to ask yourself this question. Is my family prepared for another lockdown? Now we have more insight on what items we’ll be unable to find and which will be limited.

Are you ready? First, when the pandemic hit, the unknown caused mass hysteria at grocery stores. Immediately after bottled water and toilet paper could not be found anywhere and the population went into a panic.

Meanwhile the headlines we’re flooded with long wait times, shortages and no available supplies. Read more…

New Updates Ontario Lake Water

Truth About Ontario Drinking Water

Over 72% of our planet is covered in water, Ontario being about 14% with having the Five Great Lakes which contribute one-fifth of the world’s water.

The human body is made up of anywhere between 60-70% of water. A typical adult loses about 2.6 litres (L) per day. Our bodies naturally lose water by sweating through exercise, walking, working our daily jobs, cleaning, urinating and simply breathing.

Given such a large amount of water that is lost we know, we must have a daily intake of clean, safe drinking water of the commonly recommended eight 8-ounce (237-mL) glasses of water per day (also known as the 8×8 rule). Read more…

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