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The Real Truth About Ontario Drinking Water

Over 72% of our planet is covered in water, Ontario being about 14% with having the Five Great Lakes which contribute one-fifth of the world’s water.

The human body is made up of anywhere between 60-70% of water. A typical adult loses about 2.6 litres (L) per day. Our bodies naturally lose water by sweating through exercise, walking, working our daily jobs, cleaning, urinating and simply breathing.

Given such a large amount of water that is lost we know, we must have a daily intake of clean, safe drinking water of the commonly recommended eight 8-ounce (237-mL) glasses of water per day (also known as the 8×8 rule).

We need to replenish and hydrate our bodies with safe drinking water to sustain good health and overall wellness. Having the ability to drink clean water can quench your thirst and is a safe way to stay hydrated without calories.

Given all these large amounts of water percentages surrounding and around us, we must be educated and discover which water source is the best and most beneficial for us as well as our families.

We also must discover and know which water is not safe for our intake and which drinking water can cause more harm than good for us. Read More…

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