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Enhanced Water Softener
$ 2,239
  • 5 Micro Sediment Filter
  • 1.5 Cu Ft of Resin
  • 1.5 Cu Ft of Catalytic Carbon
  • Converts hard water to soft
  • Removes chlorine and small particles
was $2,911.99
Home Hard Water


Chlor-N-Soft Whole Home Treatment System

The Chlor-N-Soft enhanced water softener system is the best of both worlds for whole-home water treatment! Our Enhanced Chlor-N-Soft system is unique because it combines the advantages of an odour-removal system with a water softener.

By combining a sediment filter, coconut carbon, and a water softener into one system, common water issues including water hardness, and unpleasant odours in your water will be addressed.

The Chlor-N-Soft addresses water hardness by performing ion exchange meaning the ions that cause water hardness (calcium & magnesium) are replaced by sodium and potassium ions thus producing softer water. You will appreciate no longer having residue built up around your appliances and now having enriched soap lather for tasks such as cleaning and laundry.

Also, having softer, clean water will leave you with shinier and glossier hair, and soft and supple skin, and you’ll notice you won’t suffer from any soap scum residue left on your body after washing your hands or bathing.

In addition, physical contaminants in your water supply, such as debris, sand, silt, and sediment, will be reduced by the filters in the system. Coconut carbon is used to remove foul odours by lowering the level of chlorine and other pollutants in your water. 

Our enhanced water softener is the most effective system when it comes to treating your home’s water supply. Enjoy soft water with the Eye Home Solutions Chlor-N-Soft enhanced water softener system!

Chlor-N-Soft Benefits

Reduce water hardness

Softens water via ion exchange by replacing calcium and magnesium ions with sodium and potassium ions

Odourless water

Chlor-N-Soft removes contaminants from your water that could be causing an unpleasant odours in your water

Soft & Clean skin:

By adding healthy minerals and producing softer water you’ll experience shinier hair and a reduction in minor skin iritations but that’s not all -the filters will remove contaminants and chlorine which will eliminate soap scum residue and leave you with clean skin and glossy hair.

Whole-home protection

Protect your pipes and plumbing fixtures from corroding due to water hardness. Soft water protects your pipes by reducing mineral buildup.

Easy filter replacements

EHS offers auto-delivery for filter replacements to ensure you always have access to the purest water possible

Financing options available

0% down financing option available with a 10-year guarantee on new whole-home products such as the Chlor-N-Soft

Eligible for Enfusion rewards membership

EHS is partnered with Enfusion rewards and offering a one-year membership for FREE upon purchase of one of our water treatment systems.

10 year warranty

10 year warranty on manufactured parts.

To learn more about our Chlor-N-Soft System “CLICK HERE“.

When you buy/rent a water treatment system, you receive a one-year EHS Water Enfusion Rewards membership for free.

Monthly Water Special Guarantees

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Added Savings

Monthly Water Treatment Special Protection

Protection Against Water Contaminants

Monthly Water Treatment Special Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Monthly Water Treatment Special Clean and soft Water

Clean & Healthy Water

Water Softener vs Filter Header

Choosing the Best System for Your Home

Water issues are never “size fits all “ which is why we provide top-rated water treatment systems for all your home’s water needs. Learn more about the differences water softeners and water filters can make in your home

Added Protection

WOW Portable Reverse Osmosis

Water Treatment System

SoftBlu Water Softener

Water Softener Treatment System


Every month we will have a different EHS product featured as our monthly water treatment special. Be first to know by subscribing to our newsletter!

We will have a new special offer on a different product each month, the discounts will vary so subscribe to our newsletter to be first to know what the new deal is!

Yes of course! Our 10 year guarantee is included on all our water treatment systems regardless of if they are part of the “monthly special” or not.

We offer a 10-year warranty on all whole-home systems as well as coverage with the Ontario Consumer Protection for you and your home during installation. Find out more details about our Warranty here.

Absolutely! With any purchase of an EHS water purification system regardless of if they’re on “monthly special” or not you will receive move-in and installation of your new system performed by one of our experienced technicians.

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