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Monthly Water
Treatment Special

Take advantage of our Monthly Water Treatment Special every month! Keep an eye out for special offers on our best-selling items. To demonstrate our appreciation for our devoted customers, we will provide a monthly deal on an either water filter or water softener products! Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to learn about our new monthly water treatment deals.

Rent a Water Softener or
Water Filtration System

Affordable Monthly Payments

We offer affordable monthly rates which cover the cost of equipment servicing and repairs. Additionally, we have RENT-TO-OWN agreements available on select water treatment equipment.

SoftBlu Water Softener (Big Tank)

Our signature SoftBlu water softener system is required to remove harmful minerals from your water. Mineral build-up in pipes and appliances can cause them to work less efficiently if minerals like magnesium and calcium are allowed to accumulate in your water.

Use softer water on your skin and hair when bathing to enhance your bathing experience.

WOW Reverse Osmosis System

The WOW reverse osmosis system filters out contaminants like chlorine, fluoride, lead, and salts through the RO membrane, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of clean drinkable water.

Learn more about the benefits of each by clicking the links below.

Combo Special

Water Softener & WOW RO
$ 3,360
Purchase Price
  • Tank Size 14"x 65"
  • 2 Cu Ft of Resin
  • Clack WS1-TC Control Valve
  • 200 lbs. salt capacity
  • 10 years warranty

SoftBlu Water Softener (Small Tank)

Smaller houses or cottages are ideal. The SoftBlu system is more compact. It protects your water by filtering out potentially harmful minerals. Mineral buildup is avoided, allowing appliances to last longer and run more efficiently. Bathing becomes more pleasurable when you use softer water on your skin and hair.


If a customer wants to completely remove salt from the water, we advise pairing a water softener with a reverse osmosis system.

Learn more about the benefits of a Reverse Osmosis System by clicking the links below.


Whole Home Water Softener
$ 1,199
Purchase Price
  • Tank Size 12"x 48"
  • 1.2 Cu Ft of Resin
  • Clack WS1-TC Control Valve
  • 60 lbs. salt capacity
  • 10 years warranty

Whole Home Water Filtration System

Enjoy better-tasting, odourless, clearer water for drinking and cooking by having a ClearBlu Plus Water Filter system installed. This device filters out contaminants before they get to your faucets, including lead, organic compounds, chloramine, and much more.

Learn more about the benefits of an ClearBlu Water Filtration System links below.

Reverse Osmosis

5 Stage Filtration System
$ 2,239
Purchase Price
  • 5 Micro Sediment Filter
  • 2 Cu Ft of Catalytic Carbon
  • 24 Lb of KDF 55 Copper Zn
  • 2 Cu Ft of Coconut Carbon
  • Gravel under bed: 0.5 Cu Ft

WOW Reverse Osmosis System

It’s no surprise that many restaurants use RO-filtered water in their cooking because it can remove 95-99 percent of total dissolved solids (TDS) in drinking water while also improving the odour, appearance, and overall taste of your water.

6 Stage Alkaline Cartridge

Simple installation of an alkaline cartridge When necessary, it ionizes the water to an alkaline ph level for a variety of health benefits and applications.

Learn more about the benefits of an Reverse Osmosis System links below.


Whole Home Water Filtration
$ 1,043
Purchase Price
  • 5 Micro Sediment Filter
  • 2x Activated Black Carbon Filters
  • GRO membrane
  • 5 micron carbon block post filter


Our water experts test your water for contaminants, chlorine, pH level, water hardness, and more. By discovering the root of your water issues we can then begin to address them with our treatment systems.
It is critical that our professionals visit your home and assess and evaluate your water supply. This will aid us in providing the finest water treatment solution.
We carry three tank sizes, as shown below. Each application is for a certain home size, and our pros will calculate and estimate the tank size for your property.
3 Sizes for Every Household Sample
Eye Home Solution provides numerous possibilities for obtaining a water treatment system. 






After filling out the consultation form one of Eye Home Solutions’ representatives will contact you within the same business day via the email or phone number that was provided to us in the form.

Our in-home, virtual, and phone consultations are all free of charge for you.

We offer a 10-year warranty on all whole-home systems as well as coverage with the Ontario Consumer Protection for you and your home during installation. Find out more details about our Warranty here.

An authorized Eye Home Solutions water technician will perform the installation of your new products. technicians.

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Discover why we provide the best service and water treatment systems.

I want to talk first about product is just amazing. I'm drinking more and more water than ever. I'm so happy about the product. Now on service from initial talking, on appointment day Ahasan was very good and open to all facts appreciate his openess and behavior, Qahar came for installation, did all work professionally then guides on next steps

thumb Sunil Ettige
August 17, 2022

Great service installation on time loan arrangement done without any hassle very clean water 💧 thank you

thumb Mohamed Zubair
September 3, 2022

Got water softener with ehsaan . Perfect person and great service..Cannot be more happier . 5 stars to the guy bcz of his knowledge and guidance got the proper softner

thumb Prashant Jain
October 10, 2022
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Choosing the Best System for Your Home

Water issues are never “size fits all “ which is why we provide top-rated water treatment systems for all your home’s water needs. Learn more about the differences water softeners and water filters can make in your home.

Kangen K8

Alkaline Ionized Water

Added Protection

Water issues are never “size fits all “ which is why we provide top-rated water treatment systems for all your home’s water needs. 

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