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Purchasing & Owning a Eye Home Solutions System QA

Find a nearby water treatment dealer by checking local listings, asking for recommendations, or exploring reputable brands online. Ensure tailored solutions for improved water quality.

An eye-home solution system’s replacement filter is guaranteed for ten years. Every six months, the systems in the entire house need to be maintained. To arrange a visit and have your filter tested and replaced, our customer service team will give you a call. Reverse osmosis systems are not covered by a 10-year warranty on replacement filters.

We regrettably do not sell parts to the general public. All of our systems come with a ten-year warranty. If you have any issues with our systems, please contact our customer service team. We will dispatch a technician to your residence to inspect your system.

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Healthy Water QA

In general, tap water is a better option because it is just as safe as bottled water but costs much less and has a much lower environmental impact.

Many brands of bottled water are nothing more than filtered municipal tap water. Tests conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council found about 25% of the bottles tested contained bacteria, arsenic and chemicals that exceeded FDA levels. Environmental-wise, about 38 billion bottles are filling up in our landfills each year.
Absolutely! Water contains toxins, but alkaline pH water can be effective in removing these toxins from the body. If we don’t consume alkaline water, we can develop diseases and accelerate aging.
Chemicals, heavy metals, parasites, and chlorination are all present in tap water and pose health risks. We can filter out these toxins before drinking, or we can force our bodies to be the filter.
You can buy an instant lead water test kit at Home Depot or Lowes.
Chlorine levels in drinking water up to 4 milligrams per litre (mg/L or 4 parts per million (ppm)) are considered safe.
Because fluoride cannot pass through the skin, anyone can use water with fluoride levels above 1.5 mg/L for dishwashing, laundry, handwashing, and bathing.
Minerals are removed by RO because their molecules are larger than those of water.
General Water Treatment QA
With proper maintenance, a water system can often last for 10 to 15 years. Eye Home Solutions water systems are built to last and comes with a 10 year warranty.
Request a quality water report from your water company. The report will detail any contaminants that may be present in your water and will alert you to the health risks they pose.
An easy way to determine hard water is to check faucets or kettles for white scaling. Search for soap scum. Water that is completely soft produces foam at the surface but leaves the water itself clear. Soap scum is formed when hard water minerals react with soap. Soap scum also likes to stick to fabric, so when you do your laundry, it may fail to completely clean the clothes, turning white fabric grey, bright colours dull, or even leaving a sour odour on the clothes.
With any purchase of an Eye Home Solutions Water Filtration System, you will receive a move free of charge. An Eye Home Solutions Technician will remove and re-install your system in your new home.
Water System Economics QA

Are water filtration systems expensive?

Eye Home Solution provides numerous possibilities for obtaining a water treatment system.

To run effectively, all of our machines require relatively little electricity. Electricity is not needed for our whole home water filtration system to operate.

High-quality, filtered tap water will always be less costly than bottled water.
Hard water ruins appliances, deposits filmy soap scum on pipes, and reduces water pressure, forcing your appliances to work harder..

Do you need help choosing the right system?

Contact our dealer, and they’ll help you find the best treatment solution.
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