You deserve the purest water and we make that possible. Get the most out of your home’s water with an Eye Home Solutions water treatment system.

Ensure your water reaches it’s Pure Potential

Have you ever considered how much time you devote to your water? It’s in everything—you drink it, cook with it, clean with it, and bathe in it. You probably don’t notice it until it’s gone.

But what if you could spend less time thinking about and more time enjoying your water? What if you could get the purest water possible without worrying about quality or cost?

This is where Eye Home Solutions can help.

We have a wide range of products to help your family get the water they need at an affordable price, including whole-home water filters, drinking stations, and even water softeners for those who need a little extra help with their home’s plumbing issues.

Whole Home Water filtration


A whole home water filtration system can benefit your household in many different ways by removing unwanted chemicals from your water, therefore leaving you with water that tastes and smells better.

By removing harmful chemicals and contaminants you’ll be left with high-quality water that will be beneficial to your overall health. Even municipally treated water contains unwanted substances such as lead which can be detrimental to your health. Protect yourself and your loved ones with a whole-home water filtration system.

Enhanced Water Softener chlor n soft


A whole home water softener can bring many benefits to you and your home. Water softeners remove ions that cause water hardness and replace them with ions that will provide you with softened water. This means you’ll experience reduced residue buildup around fixtures, softer skin and shinier hair. Also, your soap will lather better meaning your tasks such as cleaning and laundry will become easier.

Softened water also offers whole home protection. This means your water pipes will have less of a risk of becoming corroded or having mineral buildup contaminating the water coming into your home.

WOW Reverse Osmosis System


Have 24/7 access to the cleanest drinking water with an Eye home Solutions water drinking station. The water is filtered before it reaches the sink faucet which ensures you get the best quality drinking water. Not only does it improve the taste of your water by removing unwanted contaminants it also makes the water you're drinking healthier overall by adding in healthy minerals during the filtration process. An Eye Home Solutions water drinking station is easy to install, affordable and cost efficient.


Well water can harbour a series of harmful chemicals and bacteria, our well water treatment systems are the perfect solution for rural homes and cottages that need access to safe water. Having the right well water treatment system can improve the taste, smell and appearance of your water while also reducing buildup in your pipes and appliances. Ensure you have the safest water for drinking and bathing in by having an Eye Home Solutions well water treatment system installed.

Product Kangen Water


Try out our bottle less Water Cooler

An EHS water cooler lets you enjoy clean drinking water with the convenience of having all controls on a touch screen panel. This bottle-less, self cleaning system uses four stages of filtration while also giving you the option to have chilled, warm or room temperature water.
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