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Eye Home Solutions provides the best quality water with unrivalled products and exceptional services. We offer water treatment systems for your entire home. From water softeners, whole home water filters and drinking stations we aim to solve all of your water treatment needs in order to give you, your family and the community the purest water possible.

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Filter Replacements Made Easy

Replace your sediment and carbon filters in your Water Filtration System in order to ensure that you are continuously provided with the highest quality water possible. Pick your replacement filters up from our storefront or register with us for auto-delivery. Contact our customer support team to order yours now.

Dedication to clean, healthy water

Visit one of our storefront locations to pick up your filter replacements or contact us to set up auto delivery and shipping straight to your home.


No need to worry about having your EHS water treatment system moved into and installed in your home. With any purchase of an EHS water filtration system, you will receive move-in and installation of your new system as well as the removal of your old system done by one of our experienced technicians.

If for any reason your water treatment system requires maintenance please feel free to contact customer support at 1-888-701-4686 and one of our representatives will gladly assist you.

To learn more about our warranty please click here.

To register your new water treatment system under our warranty protection program please click here.

Our trained Eye Home Solutions specialists are knowledgeable in all water supply systems. We will install and remove your water filtration system in under an hour. Our work is never given to independent contractors.

With all Eye Home Solutions installations and removals, you will have the peace of mind in knowing all safety protocols are in place and you are covered under Eye Home Solutions Customer Protection.

Our Water Refilling Stations ensure you have access to clean drinking water. Come fill up your bottles at our storefront location or contact us to schedule a delivery to ensure you and your family are getting all the benefits of the best quality water.

We believe everyone deserves clean water therefore EHS offers 3 different financing options that fit into virtually any budget! Our options include a monthly rate for rental options, a 0% down financing option, and lastly a purchasing option. To learn more about how you can rent or own your own water treatment system click here.

For your budget, we have rental systems that are ideal. Owning a water treatment system is possible thanks to our leasing option. 

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Our Water Treatment Systems are not just safe, we are concerned about the safety of our employees as well as yours. To ensure yours and our staff’s safety, we adhere to the Covid-19 Protocols.

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Eye Home Solutions is a top provider of clean, pure water in the Greater Toronto Area. We offer residential and commercial water solutions for your business and your home.

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