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Why should you wait to be serviced? Eye Home Solutions Service is unrivalled, with a satisfaction guarantee.

Eye Home Solutions Team prides ourselves on educating our customer. We truly believe that water is life and the best thing you can invest in yours. When you purchase any of our water filtration systems you are investing in your future and ensuring your family is prepared with the most important supply of all.

Eye Home Solutions offers the following services to our customers:

With any purchase of an Eye Home Solutions Water Filtration System, you will receive a move free of charge. An Eye Home Solutions Technician will remove and re-install your system in your new home.

Our water treatment systems require a filter change every 6 months to maintain the system and ensure you are getting the best out of your filtration system. We offer several options on getting your filters changed. Filters are available for purchase at our storefront locations.

You can also arrange for an Eye Home Solutions Technician to change your filters by clicking here. Free Filters are included for the duration of your warranty with the purchase of Eye Home Solutions Whole Home System.

If for any reason your water treatment system requires maintenance please click here.

For warranty issues please click here.

Come into one of our storefront locations and fill your 5-gallon bottle of water with the best quality drinking water filtered through our own commercial water treatment system.  Bottle Service is also available for delivery.

Our trained Eye Home Solutions specialists are knowledgeable in all water supply systems. We will install and remove your water filtration system in under an hour. Our work is never given to independent contractors.

With all Eye Home Solutions installations and removals, you will have the peace of mind in knowing all safety protocols are in place and you are covered under Eye Home Solutions Customer Protection.


We are your inline water filter export serving the greater GTA and surrounding nearby areas. 


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