With EHS Water Systems, you can improve the quality of your home’s water.

All of our EHS FILTER SYSTEMS are eligible for financing. Inquire about our 0% interest rate.

EHS Drinking Systems Stations


Start receiving pure crystal clear ice cubes, and enhance the taste of coffee, tea, and fruit beverages right away with our reverse osmosis system. Purified drinking water is provided by our EHS drinking water stations, which use high-quality membrane technology. Our 6 stage Alkaline induction cartridge changes the filtered tap water to a pH level of 7 or above. Putting all the nutrients back into your drinking water.

EHS Drinking Systems Softener


Our water softeners improve your water density by converting hard water to soft water. By removing calcium from your water, you extend the life of your dishwashers and washing machines. Reducing your gas costs by nearly 30% increasing the efficiency of your water heater. Take showers and notice how your skin feels smoother afterward. Soap scum and residue are reduced on showers, tubs, sinks, toilets, and faucets.

EHS Drinking Systems Home


Our water filtration systems are affordable and come with a fantastic warranty. The filter connects to your home water main supply line and allows your hot and cold water to be filtered throughout the entire house. The EHS Whole Home water filter is designed to remove Chloramines, Chlorine, THM’s, Volatile Industrial Chemicals, Lead, and any leftover Heavy Metals that are eliminated from your main water supply. You can enjoy pure and healthy water from every tap of your home.

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Groundwater is a shared resource that crosses property lines and contamination from one well can put other wells at risk. It’s highly recommended to get a strong water filtration system to remove all the common contaminants and purify the water prior to use for bathing, cooking, and drinking. Our highly built water filters eliminate all dangers, leaving clean, wholesome water for you and your family to drink. Explore well water filters today!

Commercial EHS Drinking


We have speciality filters designed specifically for commercial businesses, large or small.

We are your inline water filter export serving the greater GTA and surrounding nearby areas. 


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