Drinking Water
Filtration System

A Drinking Water Filtration system is key to bringing you safer, better tasting, healthy drinking water while taking up no additional space in your home.

Reverse Osmosis System 5 Stage
WOW Reverse Osmosis System

99.99% Reduction of Chemicals and Other Contaminants

24/7 Access to Filtered Drinking Water

Fits Under the Sink

Highly Suggested for Water Softeners

Ideal for a Boat, Condominium, or Cottage

Save $$$ on Bottled Water

Experience the benefits an drinking water filtration system can provide you

Our Eye Home Solutions under-the-counter RO systems provide you with safe, better-tasting drinking water by filtering your water through reverse osmosis. The water is filtered before it reaches the sink faucet which ensures you get the best quality drinking water. 

Not only does it improve the taste of your water by removing unwanted contaminants it also makes the water you’re drinking healthier overall by adding in healthy minerals during the filtration process. An Eye Home Solutions under-the-counter water filter is easy to install, affordable and cost-efficient.

Traditional Reverse Osmosis System

"A discreet under the counter drinking water filtration system that attaches directly to your faucet"

Explaining Our Drinking Water Filtration System

Reverse osmosis is used to remove salt and other contaminants from your water. This happens when water passes through what we refer to as an “RO membrane” essentially this membrane allows water to pass through while not allowing salt and other contaminants to do so. The contaminants and salt that have been left behind are then rid of into a reject stream, leaving you with safe drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis System how it works

The WOW drinking water filtration system operates by using your household water pressure to squeeze your water against a special membrane, water molecules are separated from impurities. 

Our Reverse Osmosis Systems



Change The Way You Feel About Water

Our Water Treatment Experts perform a FREE in-home water test ensuring that the products we install in your home are the right fit for your water chemistry.

filtration replacement
Filter Replacement Recommendations

We recommend changing your drinking water filters every 3 – 6 months in order to maintain the flow of clean, safe drinking water and keep your under-the-counter water system running as efficiently as possible. To make replacing your filters even easier you can purchase directly through our site or contact us to have one of our water experts perform the filter replacement for you.

Drinking Water Filter Requires Replacing?

Filter Replacement Cartridges are available at our location, or you can contact Customer Support to schedule a technician to service the drinking system.

We Provide: 

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