Drinking systems ensure you are getting the best out of your drinking water with clearer, better-tasting water, straight from your tap. 

A water softener removes minerals that create water hardness but adds sodium to your water in the process. Our Eye Home Solutions  Drinking Systems are the easiest way to ensure you’re maximizing what your water can do for you.

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Big Flow

Our new Big Flow is a 6 stage filter system that offers a 1:1 waste ratio making it our most efficient under the counter drinking station. The easy to replace tilt function allows for quick and easy filter replacements and a 400 GPD High Flow of 1.2 litres per minute. This sleek tankless design is completely self sufficient and it's with a buttonless design as the system is self adjusting.

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WOW System

Offered, Installed and Maintained by our Eye Home Solutions specialist we offer the WOW RO™ System. Our specialist will install your Water on Water System. With game-changing technology, the WOW RO™ water system makes water with zero back-pressure against the membrane during production, producing a high quality water. As added bonuses, the multi-patented WOW RO™ system delivers at a constant flow rate – and uses less water down the drain compared to a typical air-charged reverse osmosis system.

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drinking Systems 6 Stage

HS 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Systems

There are concerns of reverse osmosis reducing the pH in water due to the removal of minerals. Our EHS 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Systems features a 6th stage using Alkaline to restore alkalinity by adding small amounts (30 mg/Gal.) of calcium and magnesium back into water. This user friendly compact system is perfect for all dwellings types including condos and rental apartments.

Water Filter Requires Replacing?

Filter Replacement Cartridges are available at our location, or you can contact Customer Support to schedule a technician to service the drinking system.

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We are your inline water filter export serving the greater GTA and surrounding nearby areas. 


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