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ClearBlu+ Water Filter 4 Stage System


ClearBlu+ Water Filter 4 stage system provides you with clean water straight from your faucets as it filters out unwanted contaminants such as chlorine and lead from your water by using all 4 stages of water filtration.

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Experience the benefits of our ClearBlu+ Water Filter System

Experience up to 10 years of great-tasting, clean water straight from your faucets with our ClearBlu 4 stage water filtration system. The ClearBlu+ Water Filter system works by filtering out chlorine as well as any other unwanted contaminants that can be found in untreated water therefore leaving you with access to pure water directly from your taps.

Our system uses the 4 stages of water filtration in order to provide you with the safest water possible, these steps include coagulation and flocculation, sedimentation, filtration and lastly disinfection.

Reap the benefits of having a ClearBlu+ Water Filter system installed, you’ll have better tasting, clear water for drinking as well as for cooking with, your hands will remain soft after washing them, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you have constant access to the best quality water in your home.

Another appealing fact about our ClearBlu+ Water Filter system is that it requires minimal maintenance with easy tank and filter replacements which in turn leaves your maintenance costs low and budget-friendly. A ClearBlu+ Water Filter is key to having the safest water running through your faucets.

How it works


During sedimentation the PP 5 micron filter filters out large particles which then settle to the bottom of the water supply. 

Once the particles have settled to the bottom of the water supply, the clear water on top will pass through filters equipped with activated coconut carbon , in order to remove organic chemicals and gases from your water.

After filtration a KDF copper filter is used in order to kill any remaining parasites, bacteria and viruses to protect your system from scaling and bacterial growth.

Lastly, the purification process uses catalytic carbon to eliminate chloramines and hydrogen sulphides from your water.

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  Removes Chlorine, Lead, & more
  Better Tasting, Smelling Water
  Minimal maintenance costs
  10-year warranty

Why wait to own your own clean water system? Our no-money-down financing option makes it so that you can start enjoying the benefits and start saving now. That’s not all, in addition to 0% upfront we offer a 10-year guarantee on your new whole home water purification system and free filter replacement every 6 months.

We believe everyone deserves clean water and we make this entirely possible with minimal stress on your end. Eye Home Solutions offers a 10 year warranty when you purchase one of our whole home units which also includes filters for 10 years.

Filter Replacements Made Easy

We recommend that you replace your filters every 3 months in order to ensure that you are continuously provided with the highest quality water possible. When you purchase a whole home unit Eye Home Solutions offers you sediment filters free of charge for a span of 10 years.

filtration replacement
Clean Water, Made Easy
Visit one of our storefront locations to pick up your filter replacements or contact us to set up auto delivery and shipping straight to your home.

Clean & Clear water with ClearBlu+ Water Filter

ClearBlu water filter system clean water

Great Tasting

Improve the taste of your water with a ClearBlu system which works by removing chlorine and other contaminants so you can enjoy clean drinking water straight from your faucets!

ClearBlu water filter system protection

Water You Can Trust

Feel comfort in knowing the water coming out of your faucets has been filtered by our ClearBlu system therefore removing any harmful contaminants leaving you with instant access to pure, clean water directly from your tap.

ClearBlu water filter system tasteful food

Taste The difference

By cooking with water filtered through our ClearBlu system you'll experience the benefits of increased flavour quality as well as accelerated cooking times. Spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying better tasting meals with your family.

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