ClearBlu water filter system

ClearBlu 3 Stage
Water Filtration System


ClearBlu water filter system removes particles and contaminants that are the culprits of unpleasant odours and tastes in your water via sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection. In addition to eliminating foul tastes and odours this system removes chemicals that can harm your health.


The ClearBlu Experience

Our ClearBlu 3 stage water filtration system uses 3 stages of water filtration in order to provide you with the safest water possible, these steps include sedimentation, filtration and lastly disinfection. Reap the benefits of having a ClearBlu 3 stage water filtration system installed, you’ll have better tasting, clear water for drinking as well as for cooking with, your hands will remain soft after washing them, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you have constant access to the best quality water in your home.

Another appealing factor about our ClearBlu 3 stage water filtration system is that it is our most affordable system! It requires minimal maintenance with easy tank and filter replacements which in turn leaves your maintenance costs low and budget-friendly. A ClearBlu 3 stage water filtration system is key to having the safest water running through your faucets.

Steps To Pure Clean Water

During sedimentation a sediment filter is used to remove sand, dirt and other large particles found in your water

During the filtration stage chlorine is filtered out from your water, leaving you with better tasting and better smelling water.

Coconut shell granulated activated carbon & KDF reduce fine sediment and chlorine taste and odor in drinking water.

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  Crystal Clear Water
  Minimal maintenance costs
  10-year warranty

Why wait to own your own clean water system? Our no-money-down financing option makes it so that you can start enjoying the benefits and start saving now.  

We believe everyone deserves clean water and we make this entirely possible with minimal stress on your end. Eye Home Solutions offers a 10 year warranty which includes worry-free coverage on all manufacturer and design defects your system may have.

ClearBlu Water Filter System

You and your family can enjoy pure H2O water throughout the house.

ClearBlu 3 stage water filtration system clear water

Clean Crystal Water

Improve the appearance of your water with a ClearBlu 3 stage water filter. After passing through the 3 stages of water filtration you will enjoy crystal clear water straight from your faucet.

clearblu 3 stage water filtration system water test

Water You Can Trust

Feel comfort in knowing the water coming out of your faucets has been filtered by our ClearBlu water filter system therefore removing any harmful contaminants leaving you with instant access to pure, clean water directly from your tap.

clearblu 3 stage water filtration system savings


The ClearBlu 3 stage water filter is one of our most affordable water filter options to suit virtually any budget. This is also a minimal maintenance system therefore leaving any upkeep costs low as well. Everyone deserves clean, healthy water and we make this possible with our affordable ClearBlu 3 stage water filter.

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Great service at affordable price. I got water filtration system from them last year and it is working great. Customer service is really great even after installation of system. 👍🏻👍🏻

thumb Satwant SINGH
September 16, 2022

Great service. Highly satisfied. Ahsan goes above and beyond his call of duty. 3 words for Ahsan....Honesty, transparency and reliability. Thank you!

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September 21, 2022

Met the Eye Home Solutions team at the Kitchener home show and got an amazing deal on my whole home filtration system. Water tastes and smells noticibly better now! Eye Home Solutions was super professional and friendly, we wish we had reached out to them sooner!

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August 17, 2022
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