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Chlor-N-Soft water filtration system combines the benefits of a water filter and a water softener. The Chlor N Soft 2 in 1 filter softens your water by eliminating hardness and adding useful minerals, as well as removing unpleasant tastes, odours, and undesired chemicals like chlorine. The Eye Home Solutions Chlor N Soft 2 in 1 water filter is the ideal system for providing pure, clean, soft water to your home.

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Experience the benefits of our Chlor N Soft Water Filtration System

Our Chlor-N-Soft Water Filtration system brings you the highest quality water while also having added benefits for you and your home. The Chlor-N-Soft 2 in 1 water filter removes water hardness that can wreak havoc on you and your home by causing minor skin irritations, drying out your hair, leaving stains on your clothes and dishes, as well as rendering your appliances less efficient. 

In addition to removing water hardness, the Chlor-N-Soft 2 in 1 water filter also replaces the harmful minerals it removes with more desirable minerals in order to provide you with softer water. This system also removes particles and pollutants such as chlorine, which can cause an unpleasant taste, appearance, or odour in your water.

Our Chlor-N-Soft Water Filtration system is essential for your home to have the purest water to aid with your household tasks such as laundry, cleaning, cooking and providing your family with the cleanest drinking water.

How it works

chlor n soft water filtration diagram

The prefilter system reduces debris, sand, silt and sediment in the water supply down to 5 microns (imagine 20 times smaller than a human hair) in size. The prefilter helps protect plumbing and water-using appliances from excess sediment, increasing their effectiveness. With average use, the prefilter will last approximately 6-9 months before needing replacement.

Occurs when water passes through the media tank that is filled with activated carbon media. This reduces chlorine in a chemical reaction that oxidizes the carbon surface. It reduces the chlorine taste and odor from the water, delivering fresh water to the home. The carbon media will need to be cleaned and reactivated on a regular basis through engaging the backwash cycle.

Occurs when water passes through the mineral tank where positively-charged calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged with sodium onto the negatively-charged resin beads. The calcium and magnesium are retained on the media within the resin tank while the remainder of the water with sodium ions flows into the home, resulting in softened water. Eventually, all sodium ions are exchanged with the magnesium and calcium and the resin beads fill with calcium and magnesium and need to be regenerated.

The mineral tank is recharged with sodium from the brine tank solution and displaces calcium and magnesium, which is flushed down the drain during the backwashing phase.

At the end of the regeneration process, this stage is a final removal of the hardness ions and dirt that have accumulated in the mineral tank and flushes to the drain.

The mineral tank is rinsed with fresh water and loads the brine tank so that it is ready for the next softening cycle.

Backwashing cycles are controlled by the electronic meter on the top of the system’s tank. The backwash cycle can be set to a specified number of days or as the electronic head recognizes that a certain amount of water has been used.

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  Softens and Removes Chlorine
  Better Tasting, Smelling Water
  Minimal maintenance costs
  10-year warranty

Why wait to own your own clean water system? Our no-money-down financing option makes it so that you can start enjoying the benefits and start saving now. That’s not all, in addition to 0% upfront we offer a 10-year guarantee on your new whole home water purification system and free filter replacement every 6 months.

We believe everyone deserves clean water and we make this entirely possible with minimal stress on your end. Eye Home Solutions offers a 10 year warranty when you purchase one of our whole home units which also includes filters for 10 years.

Filter Replacements Made Easy

We recommend that you replace your filters every 3 months in order to ensure that you are continuously provided with the highest quality water possible. When you purchase a whole home unit Eye Home Solutions offers you sediment filters free of charge for a span of 10 years.

filtration replacement
Clean Water, Made Easy
Visit one of our storefront locations to pick up your filter replacements or contact us to set up auto delivery and shipping straight to your home.

Water is life with
Chlor-N-Soft Water Filtration System

chlor n soft water filtration soft water

Reduce Water Hardness

Eliminate the negative effects water hardness can have on your home and your body. Enjoy shinier hair, softer skin and more efficient appliances with soft water.

chlor n soft water filtration drinking water

Pure Drinking Water

The Chlor-N-Soft Water Filtration system removes pollutants and particles leaving you with great tasting, better smelling drinking water.

SoftBlu Water Softener System Protection

Whole Home Protection

Protect your home with the Chlor-N-Soft water filtration system by ensuring that any water hardness and unwanted pollutants are filtered out of your home's water. Enjoy having soft and pure water throughout your home allowing your appliances to work more efficiently , as well as the added benefit of keeping your wallet and skin from being run dry by the negative effects of unfiltered water and water hardness.

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