Enhanced Water Softener System


An enhanced water softener system that combines the benefits of a water softener while also removing contaminants from water such as chlorine and ammonia. 


Benefits of our Enhanced Water Softener

Say goodbye to hard water and the damaging effects it can have on your appliances and plumbing with our advanced water softener. Our water softener not only removes hardness minerals, but it also removes chlorine, chloramine, and sediments from your water supply, providing you with the purest and healthiest water possible.

Our water softener uses advanced ion exchange technology to remove calcium and magnesium ions, which cause hard water. This technology effectively eliminates the damaging effects of hard water, such as scale buildup, soap scum, and dull laundry. This not only makes your water softer, but it also helps your appliances and plumbing last longer.

Additionally, our water softener removes chlorine and chloramine, which can cause unpleasant taste and odor in your water. This means that you can enjoy a refreshing, clean taste in your drinking water and reduce the harsh chemicals in your water supply.

Our sediment filter also eliminates particles and impurities from your water supply, such as sand, rust, and other particles that can harm your health. This ensures that you have the cleanest and healthiest water possible.

Our water softener is easy to install and maintain, and its compact design makes it perfect for use in homes and other settings. With our advanced water softener, you can enjoy the benefits of soft and pure water, while protecting your appliances and plumbing from damage. Get yours today and experience the difference that clean and soft water can make in your life!

The Water Treatment Special for this month includes a sediment filter and catalytic carbon for chlorine removal.

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Enhanced Water Softener

Deep conditioning for the whole home. 

Enhanced Water Softener ChlorNSoft Reduce Hardness

Reduce Water Hardness

Eliminate the negative effects water hardness can have on your home and your body. Enjoy glossier hair, softer skin and more efficient appliances with soft water.

Iron & Magnesium Water Treatment bad taste

No Water Contaminants & Odours

The enhanced water softener system eliminates pollutants and particles, resulting in odourless, better-smelling water.

SoftBlu Water Softener System Protection

Whole Home Protection

Protect your home with the water softener by ensuring that any water hardness and unwanted pollutants are filtered out of your home's water. Enjoy having soft and pure water throughout your home allowing your appliances to work more efficiently, as well as the added benefit of keeping your wallet and skin from being run dry by the negative effects of unfiltered water and water hardness.

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Exceptional customer service! would recommend them to anyone. My new home had very poor quality water. They took care of everything the day after i moved into the house. Fast reliable and always a phone call or text away!!!!

thumb Nickylos Khan
September 20, 2022

We went out for 3 quotes, but should have just stopped with Eye Home Solutions. Ace, from EHS was friendly and knowledgeable and the pricing was good in comparison. As well, my family felt comfortable with him and his team. We've had the system for over a year and have since referred our neighbors and family members and they've been just as happy. Thanks again, Ace and EHS!

thumb Ryan Lobo (Lobsy)
October 27, 2022

Great service installation on time loan arrangement done without any hassle very clean water ? thank you

thumb Mohamed Zubair
September 3, 2022
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