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At Eye Home Solutions we feel that everyone deserves to have access to clean, healthy water and we intend to make that entirely possible for you, your home and your community by providing you with top-rated water treatment systems.

Our water filters are NSF certified in order to give you peace of mind knowing that up to 99% of contaminants are removed from your water, leaving you with pure, healthy water in your home.

With over 30 years of experience, we stay committed to having the most cost-effective, best-in-class water treatment systems. We take pride in keeping up with all the latest engineering and innovation surrounding water filtration with the purpose of supplying our valued customers with the means to attain the purest, high-quality water.

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Eye Home Solutions

Our Commitment to Our Customers

Eye Home Solutions offers water treatment systems for your entire home. From water softeners, whole home water filters and drinking stations we aim to solve all of your water treatment needs in order to give you, your family and the community the purest water possible.

We believe in sustaining your health as well as sustaining a healthy environment, some of the positive environmental impacts our water treatment systems have include:

  • Reduction of single-use plastics
  • Reduces the volume of waste that gets released into the ecosystem
  • Increases the production of green energy
  • Reduces carbon footprints
  • Disease prevention by eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites from water

EHS water treatment systems eliminate harmful chemicals and contaminants from your water , these include but are not limited to :

  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Lead
  • Aluminum
  • Waterborne Bacteria & Viruses

In 2013, Canadians purchased 2.4 billion litres of bottled water, which equals about 68 litres per person. The bottled water industry is worth more than $170 billion worldwide. In the United States, more bottled water is sold by volume than milk and beer.

According to a Statistics Canada survey in 2015, 19 percent of Canadian households drink primarily bottled water. (Source: Statistics Canada, CANSIM table 153-0063). Eye Home Solutions Whole Home Filtration system enables households to spend less on buying water and changing fridge filters.

About Eye Home Solutions Environmental-Impact

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Discover why we provide the best service and water treatment systems.

Great service at affordable price. I got water filtration system from them last year and it is working great. Customer service is really great even after installation of system. 👍🏻👍🏻

thumb Satwant SINGH
September 16, 2022

Very good and professional. Happy to have there product.

thumb krishanth vishnu
August 20, 2022

Got water softener with ehsaan . Perfect person and great service..Cannot be more happier . 5 stars to the guy bcz of his knowledge and guidance got the proper softner

thumb Prashant Jain
October 10, 2022

Our Water Treatment Systems are not just safe, we are concerned about the safety of our employees as well as yours. To ensure yours and our staff’s safety, we adhere to the Covid-19 Protocols.

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Eye Home Solutions is a top provider of clean, pure water in the Greater Toronto Area. We offer residential and commercial water solutions for your business and your home.

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