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Eye Home Solution systems make your water safer, healthier, and adds protection from harmful contaminants for your family and the community.

Improve the quality of water with our Water Treatment Systems

Water treatment systems are a great way to improve the quality of your water. Our systems are carefully designed to disinfect and purify untreated water, so you can enjoy healthier, cleaner water for less. We  have many different water treatment systems that can help resolve all of your and your home’s water needs.

Water Treatment Systems

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Whole Home Solutions

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Why Choose Eye Home Solutions?

Water Treatment Systems Purification

Water Purification

Our Water treatment systems use all four stages of water purification to successfully remove unwanted contaminants that can be found in your home's water.

No Chemicals used in our Water Treatment Systems

No Chemicals

Eye Home Solutions water systems are non-chemical water treatment systems specifically engineered to deliver you the purest water in the safest fashion.

Save on Water Bill with our Water Treatment Systems

Added Savings

By increasing the efficacy and prolonging the lifespan of your appliances and Eye Home Solutions Water treatment system will in turn save you money on your total energy costs and monthly energy consumption bills.

Provide feedback about out water treatment systems

Encourage Feedback

Here at Eye Home Solutions we take pride in listening to our customer feedback in order to deliver the best and most seamless water treatment experience for our community.

Safe Drinking Water For The Whole Community

Everyone deserves the cleanest water and Eye Home Solutions aims to deliver as such. Eye Home Solutions water treatment systems are available in a variety of configurations to provide you with the purest drinking water possible.

Hard water can aggravate minor skin irritations, and cause damage to plumbing pipes. An Eye Home Solutions water softener removes the minerals that create water hardness along with keeping energy costs down within your community.

The Eye Home Solutions Whole-home system eliminates chlorine taste and odour. Not only are water filtration systems environmentally friendly they provide you with safer drinking water for the whole community.

Get the purest water, safe for drinking, safe on appliances and safe on your skin with an Eye Home solutions water treatment system. We use non-chemical treatment to deliver you the cleanest water possible.

Water Treatment Peace of Mind

Clean Water Peace of Mind

Pure water, Pure Satisfaction

Bang For Your Buck

Most cost-effective water treatment systems on the market

Environmentally Friendly

Ditch the disposable by bottling your own.

We’re Here To Help

We’re here to address all your water treatment needs. Contact us !

NSF Certified

Carefully engineered to protect you and the public health

Financing Options

Everyone deserves the cleanest water for their home and we aim to deliver. Inquire now about our 0% down financing option.

Clean Water, made easy

We offer water treatments for your entire home. One-stop shop for all your water treatment needs

Why We're Trusted!

Discover why we provide the best service and water treatment systems.

Met the Eye Home Solutions team at the Kitchener home show and got an amazing deal on my whole home filtration system. Water tastes and smells noticibly better now! Eye Home Solutions was super professional and friendly, we wish we had reached out to them sooner!

thumb abel simena
August 17, 2022

Great service. Highly satisfied. Ahsan goes above and beyond his call of duty. 3 words for Ahsan....Honesty, transparency and reliability. Thank you!

thumb Nimesh Patel
September 21, 2022

We went out for 3 quotes, but should have just stopped with Eye Home Solutions. Ace, from EHS was friendly and knowledgeable and the pricing was good in comparison. As well, my family felt comfortable with him and his team. We've had the system for over a year and have since referred our neighbors and family members and they've been just as happy. Thanks again, Ace and EHS!

thumb Ryan Lobo (Lobsy)
October 27, 2022
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By providing healthier and safer water, Eye Home Solutions can help you improve your health and wellness.
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