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Eye Home Solutions offers the most cost effective water treatment solutions in the market. We can test your water on the spot with a same day appointment.

Our Eye Home Solutions Team takes pride in educating our clients. We truly believe that water is life and that the best thing you can do for yourself is to invest in it. When you buy one of our water filtration systems, you’re investing in your future and making sure your family has the most important supply of all. Water is pure and clean.

Our customers can choose from the following products at Eye Home Solutions:

Water Treatment Systems Softener

Hard water destroys appliances, leaves filmy soap scum across bathrooms and kitchens, and dries out hair and skin. A water softener removes minerals that create water hardness.

Water Treatment Systems Drinking Station

Adding a drinking station ensures you are getting the best out of your drinking water with clearer, better-tasting water, straight from your tap. Drinking Stations are the easiest way to ensure you're maximizing what your water can do for you.

Water Treatment Systems Filter

Our Point of Entry Water Treatment Systems treats water as soon as it enters your home. The EHS Whole Home System eliminates chlorine taste and odor. The filter connects to your home’s main supply line and allows your hot and cold water to be filtered throughout the entire house.

Water Treatment Systems Improve Your Quality of Water


Whole-home filters involve a multi-step process in filtering your water from contaminants of all micron sizes like bacteria, sediments, and silt. Water will start in the pre-filter process that works to remove larger particulates, impurities, chlorine and contaminants found in your tap water. Chlorine gives water a bad taste and causes eczema. Dry skin, and brittle hair. Learn more about our Whole Home Water Treatment System. 

You may have an Iron and Magnesium Problem

Iron and manganese give water an unpleasant odor, taste and colour. Are you seeing reddish-brown stains on your laundry, utensils, and sinks? Our EHS Iron & Magnesium filter saves the “tap water” smell and discolouration from your water supply. With air Injection with our Zentac Hybrid Media; our EHS Iron & Mag Pro removes and eliminates hydrogen sulphate ion and magnesium for clean water using no chemicals and a low-cost process. Learn more about our EHS Iron & Magnesium Pro

Home Hard Water

What happens when hard water isn't address?

Hard water interferes with almost every cleaning task, from laundry and dishwashing to bathing and personal grooming. The amount of hardness minerals in water affects the amount of soap and detergent necessary for cleaning. Soap used in hard water combines with the minerals to form sticky soap curd.

• Have you noticed spots on your glassware?
• Is there a film left on your hands after washing?
• Have you noticed less water pressure in your home?
• Have you noticed stains on your fresh laundry?
• Do you have eczema flare ups?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have hard water.

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